Why I Should Choose Collaborative Law

Collaborative law may not be the best choice for every client and you should discuss both options fully with your attorney. However, it certainly should be considered if some of these statements are true:

1.You want a civilized and dignified resolution of the dispute.

2.You would like to retain the possibility of friendship and a working relationship with the other party or parent.

3.You would like to learn how to effectively co-parent and co-parent well after the resolution of the dispute.

4.You would like to model effective problem solving and healthy communication for your children.

5.You want the best co-parenting relationship.

6.You want to minimize or eliminate the damage often done to children in litigation.

7.You want to minimize or eliminate the possibility of future lawsuits in the future.

8.You and the other party have friends and extended family in common with whom you both wish to remain connected.

9.You recognize the limited range of outcomes generally available in the court system and you want a more creative and individualized range of choices.

10.You value honesty and integrity, dignity, privacy, and discretion. I don’t believe it is the public’s business to know our financial circumstances and other personal information.

11.You would like to control the process rather than leaving the outcome in the hands of a third party (the Court).

12.You want a process that is designed to achieve his/her best possible outcome and that will accommodate your schedule.

13.You understand that resolving conflicts with dignity involves meeting not only your goals but finding ways to meet the reasonable goals of the other party. You value an amicable resolution that allows you and the other party to do the right thing for yourselves, your families, and your friends.

14.You value having neutral objective experts to give specialized advice instead of each party hiring an “expert” to say he or she wants to hear.

15.You don’t want to make decisions that have legal consequences without the benefit of a legal advocate who can advise me about the advantages and disadvantages of the choices I make.

16.You want to understand the short and long term financial consequences of the division of your assets and liabilities and re-allocation of your income and expenses.

17.I want a cost effective and efficient resolution of the dispute. I want to be aware of and to control how much we spend by doing task I can do for the team and making joint decisions about how best to use our resources.

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