What Clients Say about the Collaborative Law Process

Responses to evaluation survey questions: What do you like best about the collaborative law process and/or the manner in which your case was handled? What should we know about our behavior, personality, style, mannerisms, or office, or about the others side’s collaborative lawyer?

  • Efficient, speedy — More personal, must address issues directly.
  • Given the fact that divorce itself is less than ideal or noble, it was heartening that in the midst of the shock and sadness, that there was at least a way to live up to an ideal in the way we handled the proceedings.
  • It was handled in a mature, non-threatening way. I felt I was represented in an excellent fashion. No negativity, just respect for all parties concerned.
  • Allows couples to focus on real issues divorced from emotional aspects of separation. I was allowed my voice, my opinions were heard and I ended up respecting everyone in the process. The process was actually very positive to our (husband/wife) on-going relationship.
  • I consider myself blessed to have been “matched” with [a lawyer] who understands the spiritual and emotional aspects of the process as well as the legal ones. 1) Keeping the costs down 2) Keeping the process from becoming hatefully adversarial 3) My pacing was respected.
  • The process is done in a civil way and was very professionally handled. I think it is beneficial to be face to face with all parties.
  • Maintained a sense of respect among the parties, including the lawyers, throughout the process; less adversarial and since all parties ultimately agree on the decree no party feels as though the court imposed its will on the parties getting the divorce.
  • Relaxed atmosphere in four-way meetings … not confrontational, but everybody cooperated to come to a solution, which would satisfy both parties.
  • Although both parties were fully and adequately represented, everyone worked in a team-like concept. The goal was to achieve a separation not to use the process to play out emotional retaliations.
  • Both of the collaborative lawyers were professional & guided us through the process with ease.
  • That my attorney helped me remain focused on my primary goal (equal access to my children), while aiding me in (as much as I was willing to accept at a time of significant anger) remaining decent and positive toward my ex-spouse. [My collaborative lawyer] consistently talked about and helped me remain focused on what was best for all involved with the divorce process (myself, my ex-spouse, and the children).…Now 8 months after being divorced, my ex-wife and I are working very well together. I think that would not have been possible presently if [my collaborative lawyer] would not have helped lay the groundwork for a healthy after-divorce relationship between my ex-wife and me.

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