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Collaborative Professionals of Dallas is a group of like-minded collaborative professionals with the goal of expanding public awareness of the collaborative process as an alternative to litigation. The members of Collaborative Professionals of Dallas are unaffiliated member professionals except those who share a firm affiliation outside of the group. For that reason, Collaborative Professionals of Dallas does not have a general phone number or email address. For further information about Collaborative Professionals of Dallas or the collaborative process please contact any member directly.

Name Profession Office Zip Phone Email
Rebecca Armstrong Attorney 75093 972.769.2727
Lindley Bain Attorney 78731 512.368.4384
Monica Cruz Attorney 75225 214.273.2400
Chris Farish Attorney 75206 214.373.9100
Kristy Blanchard Attorney 75093 972.769.2727
Aimee Pingenot Attorney 75206 214.373.7676
Clint C. Brown Attorney 75201 469.320.6029
Anita Savage Attorney 75206 214.707.0660
Sharon Corsentino Attorney 75024 214.423.5100
Barrett Stern Attorney 75231 214.272.9429
Jennifer Leister Mental Health 75287 469.828.4603
Joanna Jadlow Financial Adviser 75225 214.360.7000
Barbara Neal Mental Health 75219 214.720.6060

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